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  • The Islamic Asset Management Boom
CIMB-Principal Islamic strives for superior consistent performance based on a disciplined investment process that adheres strictly and transparently to Shariah investment principles.
We recognise the benefits of Islamic and Ethical Investing, and we aim to offer a holistic Islamic asset management with end-to-end processes in accordance with Shariah principles.
The development of Islamic asset management has been driven by the rising demand for Shariah-compliant1 investments. Its relevance as an alternative investment class for all investors, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, has accelerated with the rising importance of business ethics and fiscal conservatism.
Estimated Muslim Population by 20302 (billion)
2.2 billion
World’s Total Projected Population by 20302 (%)
1In a manner that is consistent with Shariah Law and beliefs
2The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, The Future of the Global Muslim Population, Jan. 2011
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