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Investment Philosophy

The investment objective of our Islamic Regional Asia Capability is to seek capital growth over the medium to long term.

The fund managers seek to achieve this objective by investing principally in the equity securities and equity related securities comprising depository receipts of companies that are domiciled or with their core business in the Asian Pacific region (excluding Japan) or the ASEAN region, which the fund managers or Sub-Investment Adviser believe are mispriced by the market and have the potential for significant growth.

We seek stocks with desirable characteristics such as improving and sustainable business fundamentals, attractive relative valuations, and increasing investor expectations. We support this with a tactical asset allocation overlay process that adjusts tracking error and beta limits, sector overweights / underweights, and country overweights / underweights. As a result, we focus on constructing portfolios with earnings growth higher than market/consensus, price Earnings Ratio (PER) lower than market, dividend yield higher than market / consensus, and Price/Book lower than market.

Investment Philisophy
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