• Global Sukuk
    Getting Started
    Global Sukuk

    The objective of our Global Sukuk capability is to grow the value of investments over the medium-term while invested in a diversified Sukuk portfolio with most tenures ranging from 3-10 years.

    The primary target investment geographies are the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The capability is primarily invested in USD denominated securities but certain percentages may be allocated to alternative denominations such as Malaysian Ringgit.

  • Regional Asian Sukuk
    Regional Asian Sukuk

    The objective or our Regional Asian Sukuk is to gain higher than average income over the medium to long-term by investing in a diversified portfolio consisting principally of Sukuk, certificates of deposit, short- term money market instruments and other permissible investments under the Shariah principles.

    Investments are made in primarily the South East Asian nations (ASEAN), with heavy emphasis on Malaysian issuances. The capability conforms to duration range to achieve income stream expectations in light of interest rate outlook. In addition the fund manager target a minimum blended quality and sector overweights and underweights in light of risk expectations.

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